Neptune’s Daughters

Neptune’s Daughters is a ghost novel about three women, two in 1915 and one in the present, descended from a Civil War soldier from Ireland who accidentally drowned while fleeing from the Union Army. His descendents are prey to a family curse:  whoever sees the ghost of their ancestor will drown soon thereafter.

Neptune’s Daughter’s is based on the Chicago Eastland Disaster where over 800 immigrants died when a boat overturned in the Chicago River.  What started as a company picnic for Western Electric Company ended in Disaster and left a black pall over Chicago.  Cathy had two great aunts who were victims of the Disaster. Catherine who was 31 and Eleanor who was 25.  When Cathy was 31 she came close to drowning off the coast of the Canary Islands and she had been working for a company called Western Images.  Years later the idea of a family curse gave her the idea for this book

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